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update on Gazzda Dedo Easy and Dedo Lounge chair

Dedo Easy Chair 

The Dedo Easy Chair is exactly what it promises to be – the fusion of light and contemporary design, with a traditional and minimalistic flair. The chair features light weight and allows easy mobility. This lightness, combined with Dedo ’ s timeless design, makes it suitable for all sorts of spaces, and adaptable to various interior styles.


Dedo ’ s characteristic frame is hand-crafted from solid oak and constructed relying on artisanal mortise-tenon- joint techniques. It is available in solid oak, with two plant-based oil finishes - white and natural, whilst the generously spacious seat and pillow, are available in several leather or fabric options. Additionally, the Dedo Easy Chair works well alone or in pairs, allowing for corner or central room placement.

am-dedo-easy-chair-oak-white-1015-dakar-leather-whisky-2732-1-gazzda (2).jpg
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